Rhett's/Spielberg Landscape Associates provides Design, Planning, Installation, Maintenance, and Construction services to East End homes and businesses throughout the Hamptons. We deliver Quality Workmanship on every Landscaping project, and are proud to be an Organic Company, Certified by NOLA in Organic Applications. We support sustainable landscape concepts and encourage our clients to use organic and local methods to maintain their landscapes to keep them healthy as well as beautiful. Established in 1990, Rhett's/Spielberg Landscape Associates is a licensed and insured company with 30 years’ experience.

We are a one stop shop covering all aspects of landscaping from early concept to finished completion. We offer a wide range of construction services including new builds for driveways, fencing and retaining walls, site work demolition, grading drainage, and installation. We have the knowledge and equipment to provide you with expert Landscape Design & Planning, Installation & Irrigation, Year Round Maintenance, and all Hardscape services including Outdoor Kitchens, Patios, Walkways and Gazebos.

Rhett's/Spielberg Landscape Associates is your go-to source for Complete Landscaping services. From the initial Consultation and Survey Review, to Permits, Scheduling and Follow-Ups, we've got everything covered! For a FAST and FREE estimate, please call 631.329.1101.

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